Where Have I been!? (Little Life Update)

So... you may have noticed that I've been pretty useless at updating this blog and my BamBam music blog... and all of my other social media to be honest. A lot has happened the last couple of months. I came to visit my friend down here to have an interview with an apprenticeship agency and stayed to help look after her while she was poorly, which then led to an interview a few weeks later, which led to me getting the apprenticeship at my dream nursery. It was my absolute first choice, and I still can't quite believe my luck really. So that led to my Mum (bless her) driving all the way down with a car full of my stuff to move me in. So here I am, two months later after coming to visit, having never left! So as you may have guessed I've been pretty occupied working every day and trying to study when I can in the evenings, and my brain space just hasn't been there for anything else really.

So what's next!? I am going to be moving house within the next couple of months, so more stress, but hopefully will be better for me in the long run. And other than that I'll be trying to properly make a little life down here, make some new friends, try to save some money, set up healthy routines and hopefully get back to illustrating more! For now I am going to try get back into blogging three times a week (Mon, Weds and Fri at 6pm GMT), but I am sorry in advance if I miss a few while I get back into the swing of things.