Wes Anderson's New Movie - Isle Of Dogs Trailer

Out of the blue Wes Anderson dropped the trailer for his newest film, Isle of Dogs, coming out 30th March next year in the UK. As a HUGE stop motion animation fan and a massive fan of Wes' animated version of Fantastic Mr Fox, I have been highly anticipating the release of this trailer, and boy oh boy is it a beaut. I feel like this film may have been made specifically for me!? Dogs + stop motion animation + Japan + Wes Anderson = A very happy Sacha indeed!! 

Whilst watching the trailer I thought I would have a little doodle of some of my favourite moments and props, as Wes is well known for his attention to detail with every tiny prop being lovingly crafted which sets him apart from so many other directors. I loved the dogs with the crazy eyes, they reminded me of the dogs from Fantastic Mr Fox after having blueberries, the little tin of sardines at the beginning scene, the beautiful rusty dog tags, the gridded photograph of the missing dog, the panelled tin plane and obviously the last scene with the key characters in the lift. Gah, I just can't get enough, how many times can you rewatch it before it get's too obsessive? March couldn't come quick enough!