Vouchers That Aren't Dull

As Christmas edges ever closer, and shops get busier and busier, Christmas shopping can start to feel a bit overwhelming, especially when buying gifts for people you don't particularly know very well, or people who already seem to have everything. So I've compiled a list of vouchers that aren't dull.

First off, and a voucher I actually have got someone as a gift before, Ticketmaster vouchers are absolutely perfect for people who love attending gigs,but what I didn't realise is Ticketmaster also covers big events like theatre productions and sports events, so if their favourite indie band isn't touring this year, they will undoubtedly find something they'd want to go to. If you'd rather play it safe, you can't really go wrong with a Spotify voucher, most people these days have a Spotify account, but upgrading to premium makes London Underground commutes or long wifi-less journeys a bit more bearable. And normal listening is a million times better without adverts (boy do you notice them when you end your premium subscription!!)

Maybe you have a friend who is a bit of a bookworm but don't want to risk getting them a book they already have, then a National Book Token may be perfect for them. They will have free range to snoop through any shelf in Waterstones, WHSmith or a whole list of independent book shops,. If physical books aren't really their thing, then the money can be redeemed on E-books, how great is that!?

For the TV and film buff, a Netflix voucher is perfect, and if they already have an account, then no fear, the voucher can go towards paying their next bill. If Amazon Prime is more their thing, then an Amazon voucher could be the best option, and if they don't want to commit to Prime, they can always spend the voucher on anything on Amazon...and let's face it there is so much choice that you can't go wrong!

Westfield vouchers are a safe bet for any Londoners you may know, as it covers every single shop and restaurant in both of the shopping centres, plus who knew they did vouchers, how exciting!? Similarly Love2shop vouchers are perfect for anyone, as they cover such a wide range of highstreet stores, restaurants and attractions, but this voucher isn't just limited to only two shopping centres. If you're wanting to get someone a voucher similar to these but want to make sure they treat themselves and get some new clothes or accessories then an Outfit or ASOS gift card may be up your street.

This may seem like a bit of an odd one, but rather than buying the classic bottle of wine and chocs, maybe consider getting a Beer52 voucher for your pale ale connoisseur buddies. You can buy subscriptions for either a month or three, where every month a crate of eight different beers come through the post. 

If you're wanting to give more of an experience as a present, maybe for people who have everything they could ever need, or perhaps a minimalist or a bit of a dare devil, the Perfect Gift vouchers cover so many different experiences. From zoo keeping days to hot air balloon rides to car racing to a good pamper day, this voucher really does have it all too choose from, best yet you don't have to choose for them or book any activities before giving them the gift, so there's no worry that they won't be able to make it! Sorted!

So there we have it, no need to panic!