Happy List

Hello, sorry I've not been very good at updating my blog for the last couple of weeks, life got in the way and I took some time off to look after my noggin. But I am back! And what better to come back with, than a list of things that make me happy. For the last couple of years, whenever I have a depressive slump which I can't seem to get out of, I make a 'happy list' where I write literally any little thing down that makes me happy, and each time I write one it seems to change (as I'm pretty forgetful and always miss loads out!). I love to look back on my past lists and compare them to current lists, I also just really like making lists to be honest!! This is one I wrote almost a year ago, when I was going through a lot of changes in my life and found it hard to find happiness in anything. I thought to make it a little more interesting to look at I'd add a few silly doodles around the outside, liven it up a little. I would love to see your happy lists, and if you do make one make sure to tag me on Instagram (@iambambiwillow) or Twitter (bambiwillow)

Starting a Twitch account!

Hi guys! This is only a quick post, just letting you know that I have started a Twitch account. For any of you who don't know what Twitch is, it's a website where you can live stream yourself playing games, and more recently they have opened TwitchCreative where you can live stream yourself doing creative work! So I will mainly use it for streaming digital illustrations, but looking to do needle felting and animation streams in the future too! I haven't set a schedule yet, but I'll update my social media when I have one. Today I streamed myself drawing some nautical themed icons, in the hope of making them into temporary tattoos in the future, and turning some of them into scrapbooking stickers/papers for my Make Art That Sells course I am doing. If you are interested in watching me stream but can't make it live, I will be saving all my streams on my channel for people to watch at a later time, and I think these stay there for two weeks. If you have anything you'd like to watch me do, or any tutorials you'd like to see please let me know!

Valentines 2017 Range

I am so excited to announce my second Etsy product launch. Today I am releasing a new felty panda badge, with an added red felt heart as they are blowing a little kiss, and my panda 'Be Mine' Valentines/Anniversary card, which has been hand painted and designed to look like a 50's kitsch card.

For this week only (23rd-30th Jan 2017) you can use the code BEMINE at checkout to get 15% off everything in my shop!

A Week Of #OOTD's

I have seen so many 'look books' and 'outfit of the days', but haven't really seen many illustrated versions spanning a week of outfits. So I thought I would give it a little go all of last week, as a push to draw every day, but also a way to practise drawing humans, as it's something I struggle with (I draw too many pandas eh!!!) For the majority of these outfits, most of the clothes are no longer available in store as they are a few years old, woops, so I have linked the most similar item the same brand has at the moment to get the closest match!

Monday: For the majority of my Monday I spent it sat at my desk trying to organise myself, I have had an exiting commission come in to design a poster for an interactive cinema screening of Matilda, lots of blog posts to get organised and my Etsy shop launch! So I unintentionally dressed like a girl boss, with my suit style trousers and a slouchy striped tee, which are both really comfortable yet make me feel fancy (even if I didn't bother putting a bra on or any makeup and left my hair down in a matted mess... but you didn't need to know that...) Similar trousers and t-shirt.

Tuesday: Tuesday started off badly, with a poorly migraine morning (which will become a recurring theme this week), but when I woke up I popped to the post office to deliver my first ever Etsy order (eek!), then spent the majority of the afternoon designing and making cards for my Valentine's range. In the evening I cooked a yummy dinner for me and Mum. Queue mini recipe!!! First you cut new potatoes into chunks (about quarters) and boil them until they are fully cooked. At the same time fry green beans, peppers and spring onions, then once cooked put in an oven proof dish with tomato pasta sauce and sweetcorn. Pop the dish into the oven for five mins. At this point the potatoes should be fully boiled, so drain away the water and leave them to dry out for a little bit. With the oven dish, you want to crack two eggs on top of the veggies, and pop back in the oven for twenty minutes. While the eggs are cooking, you fry the potatoes on a low heat with garlic olive oil (or garlic and olive oil if you don't have that!!), cayenne pepper, ground ginger and ground nutmeg. Then it should all be ready at a similar time, and it's super yummy! Similar jeans, jumper and socks.

Wednesday: I popped to the post office again, with my second Etsy order (how exciting!). When I got back I sat and watched Matilda while taking notes and screenshots and doodling different layouts and elements. I then listened to my sisters uni radio show whilst making valentines cards and blogging, and can I just say she's bloody great at it, so impressed!! And then when my Mum got home from work we went shopping for craft supplies that I needed and home stuff that she needed in town, and just chilled out at home chatting afterwards. Similar dress, long sleeve top, denim jacket, necklace, shoes.

Thursday: Was another poorly morning, so I had an easy morning and started off with a little scanning session of my Matilda sketches, valentines doodles and ootd's so far. I then cracked on with laying out the Matilda poster which luckily wasn't that difficult as I had done most of the layout the day before. And then I just had soup for dinner whilst watching Real Housewives and took a long bubble bath. It was quite a tough day mental health and happiness wise, and I became quite lonely and sad, so found it really hard concentrating and spent most of the day in my pjs or in the bath, so decided to draw myself in the bath instead for this day as it summed up the day a bit better. However, here is a similar skirt (they no longer do ones at a shorter length, booo) and top that I wore during the day for a few hours.

Friday: Deja Vu here, but it was another poorly morning, went for lunch at a nice hotel nearby, making valentines cards whilst listening to my sisters last radio show for the week. Similar jeans, top, jacket, necklace (they no longer do the one I have, which was a lovely gift from one of my besties, but here's another cute on that is in stock) 

Saturday: Another poorly morning... so I had an easy day and just sat and watched housewives again, whilst finishing off a few more Valentines cards (slowly taking over my life), then had a chilled out evening eating pasta bake and pancakes whilst watching rubbish TV. with my Mum and Mike. Similar jeans (same as Friday), top and jumper.

Sunday: Didn't do an awful lot again, and spent most of the day chatting to Mum and Mike with the music channel on in the background. I did manage to sew a few panda heads and starting to design and make some dala horse badges though, so wasn't a completely unproductive day. Simalr shirt (the don't make shirt dresses anymore) and socks.

So there we have it, that was my week! I'm quite happy with how a couple of these illustrations have turned out, but can already see proportion mistakes and annoying bits I wish I could fix, but I think I might turn these into digital illustrations and fix those niggles! If you liked this little series please let me know, and I'll try think of similar ones I could do soon!

Etsy Opening

The day is finally here.... My Etsy store is open!!!!!! I have five items available at the moment - The Lucky Penny Badge, Puppy Love Badge, Pin-up Panda Badge, Felty Panda Badge and the Patterned Felty Panda Badge. I have waited years to finally get to a point where I am happy with my work and personal brand enough to be okay with starting a proper business. In the next few weeks/months I will hopefully be releasing more products...which aren't badges! If you have any products or designs you would like to see, or like to see more of, or just want to send some feedback, please let me know and I'll see what I can do!! Thank you again for all your support!