City Summer Playlist

I made this playlist when I still lived in London, and would prance around parks and the underground by myself with my headphones in early last summer before I moved. Because I am a big silly sausage I've had this sat drafted ready to post and just not got it out, so thought I'd post it now while it's the last bit of summer before we start having dark cozy evenings and the leaves start turning brown (even though I'm secretly willing autumn on and googling the closest pumpkin patches!) I hope you enjoy!

2017 Playlist

I've had a very hectic week, so haven't had chance to make the post I wanted too (I'm sure I'll make it soon, it's a goodun), so I thought I'd share a playlist I've made and been adding to the last couple of days to get me through. There is a LOT of Lewis Watson, as well as guilty pleasures Little Mix, M.O. and Selena Gomez, but shhhh I like it and it's been keeping me sane! My plan is to keep adding songs I discover this year until it's a mega playlist this time next year! If there are any songs you think I should have a little listen to, I would LOVE new recommendations!