Porridge O'clock

We are still in the depths of winter, even if the festive section has finished and the gloomy January blues are over, there is still a little while left until Spring is here. Which means the weather is still drizzley and rubbish (in the UK anyway), the evenings are still dark early, and I still insist on having porridge to keep warm in the mornings. Talking of porridge.. (see what I did there... segue queen...) I thought I would give my top five porridge topping combinations!

When I worked in London, I used to have porridge daily with my team (mainly my friend Andy, bless him, he had to put up with my morning grumpy/hyper-ness (theres not much middle ground haha)), and we would sing a little Porridge o'clock song and do a microwave dance while it was heating up, and we would go through phases of trying loads of different toppings. The overall fav was Nutella, and the biggest disappointment was peanut butter.

I would love to know your favourite toppings, and maybe some obscure ones I should try!