Happy List

Hello, sorry I've not been very good at updating my blog for the last couple of weeks, life got in the way and I took some time off to look after my noggin. But I am back! And what better to come back with, than a list of things that make me happy. For the last couple of years, whenever I have a depressive slump which I can't seem to get out of, I make a 'happy list' where I write literally any little thing down that makes me happy, and each time I write one it seems to change (as I'm pretty forgetful and always miss loads out!). I love to look back on my past lists and compare them to current lists, I also just really like making lists to be honest!! This is one I wrote almost a year ago, when I was going through a lot of changes in my life and found it hard to find happiness in anything. I thought to make it a little more interesting to look at I'd add a few silly doodles around the outside, liven it up a little. I would love to see your happy lists, and if you do make one make sure to tag me on Instagram (@iambambiwillow) or Twitter (bambiwillow)