Happy Birthday Bambi

I Just did this little illustration as 74 years ago, Bambi was released in the UK, my favourite Disney film, and one of the biggest influences on me at such an early age. It was the first video I ever owned, as my Mum got it for me during her pregnancy, so throughout my early childhood it was always on in the background, and growing up it was always my favourite film to go back to.

It taught me so much about death, loss, love, helped me see the beauty in rain (I always loved splashing in puddles and running around outside in my wellies singing April Showers), and I really believe it's what triggered me to become vegetarian and have such a strong stance against hunting and killing animals for fun and for food.

I also have it to thank for the name of my brand. I have always loved the name Bambi, and have a thing for double barrelled first names (Tiger lily is another of my favourites, and surprise surprise is Disney themed), and I hoped to use Bambi Willow as a future child's name. When naming my brand, I knew I didn't want to use my name, and I struggled for the longest time picking, so I decided Bambi Willow was the best choice. When I think of Bambi I think of an honest, clumsy, loveable little deer, and when I think Willow I think of calmness and nature, and all of these things are what I really wanted to reflect in my work and everything I do. My work is mainly aimed at children, but I also have strong values which I hope to reflect on and share, just like the film Bambi.

Thank you Bambi, and Happy Birthday <3