ELCAF 2016

This blog post is LONG overdue, I'm not sure how I missed actually posting this! Silly me! In the beginning of June, I went along to ELCAF (East London Comic Art Festival), which is basically a craft fair that dreams are made of, with lots of fun workshops and talks throughout. I was initially only meant to go along on the Saturday, but my friend Derrian managed to get us tickets to the Jean Jullian talk on the Sunday (which was amazing by the way), so we thought why not go both days, which meant seeing all of the sellers and spending more of my money on beautiful prints. After a few hours worth of hunting, I have managed to put click through links to all the artists which I ended up buying work from over the two days, there are so many who I already was a fan of, but even more new artists to obsess over!

Day one: Jonathan Edwards, Kristyna Baczynski, Saskia Cameron, Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Isaac Lenkiewicz, Charlotte Mei, Grace Helmer, Evgeniya Shalak, Natalie Andrewson, Donya Todd, Charlene Man, Katya Dorokhina, Carolina Celas and Peow! Studio

Day two: Peow! Studio, Eleni Kalorkoti, Batriz Sanches, Emily Rand, Kim Clements, Joshin Lee and Aisling Raphael Marray