Autumn Bucket List

It is officially the first day of Autumn!!! Autumn is by far my favourite season, not only are all the trees beautiful oranges and browns, but you get to wear comfy cozy clothes alllllll the time and no one can say otherwise, the amount of jumpers I own is ridiculous. To celebrate this glorious season, I have put together a little autumn bucket list, or fall bucket list if you're from the states, of all the things I want to try and do in the next three months! From apple picking, to making any food you can possibly think of with pumpkin in, to drinking my body weight in tasty soya coffees I feel autumn might be the yummyest month, it's making my tummy grumble thinking of it! Autumn also holds plenty of massive events to celebrate; bonfire night in the UK, filled with fireworks and fun; Thanksgiving in the US, which I might hold my own 'Friendsgiving' and invite some of my pals round for a yummy Vegan roast dinner; Harvest Festival, where we give to the less fortunate, although I'm not religious and this tends to be done through churches, I always try to give to food banks at this time of year; And of course... Halloween... Where I will be making the cutest of crafts and carving many pumpkins.

I'd love to see if you all have a go with my bucket list, or even make your own!! It might be fun just before winter having a look back and seeing if I managed to complete them all, and you never know, if I'm organised enough I might do a blog post documenting them!