Art Vs Artist

You may have seen the ArtVsArtist hashtag circling on Twitter and Instagram, and I couldn't help but make my own!! The whole idea is to see how similar you are to your artwork, I don't really draw portraiture so much, so my work is a bit all over the place really, but I like to think you can tell it's still made by me! A bit wonky, a bit imperfect, a bit childish, but super cute and silly too! 

Top left clockwise: character doodles for a tv show concept I've been working on to eventually pitch, another doodle of the same character, some lucky pennies I'm hoping to make into pin badges, some felty pandas I made a few summers ago, my landmark drawings I'm hoping to make into iron on patches, a logo for my new London based travel website launching this summer (keep your eyes pealed for more London Mole stuff!), my fav pin-up panda, and a little clay panda bowl I made at clay club! phew!