50 Things About Me

1. I used to have loads of nicknames when growing up, but people mainly just call me Sach, Snoosh, Framps, Frampo or just plain old Sacha.

2. I am a Virgo, an INFJ personality type and 23 years old.

3. I am a Hufflepuff and proud!

4. I have one sister, and now have two kind of step brothers, and I am the oldest.

5. My favourite film is Amelie. Honourable mentions are Fantastic Mr Fox, Little Miss Sunshine, Her, Where The Wild Things Are, Paranorman, Dumbo, Bambi, Kiki's Delivery Service, E.T. and the Harry Potter series. 

6. I love cheesecake. 

7. My favourite TV shows are Girls, Peep Show, Secret Life Of 4/5/6 Year Olds, Taskmaster and Modern Family. But I also love cartoons like Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Clarence, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls and Star Vs The Forces Of Evil.

8. My favourite band is Hot Chip.

9. My favourite colour is red, but at the moment I've been obsessed with mustard yellow, it's just such a happy colour!

10. My favourite animal is a panda, but hedgehogs and donkeys are pretty high up there.

11. I'm scared of spiral stairs, spiders, the dark, swimming, heights, failure and death. (I'm sure I've missed some!)

12. I want to move to Japan, if only for a year.

13. I'd love to have my own animated pre-school TV show, and have an idea for one but don't really know how to make it a reality.

14. I'd love to one day own and live on a canal boat/barge. 

15. I was bitten by a dog when I was three and have a scar around my right eye and on my mouth.

16. When I was little I had really bad chicken pox and have big scars all over my body, I think I look a bit like a white chocolate chip muffin.

17. I have never broken a bone but I am super clumsy.

18. I have an obsession with buying art books, jumpers, stickers and sketchbooks/notepads... it's bad. 

19. I'm a good girl and never smoked or taken drugs, and very rarely drink heavily.

20. If being a full time illustrator/animator/maker doesn't work out I am looking at training to be a nursery/pre-school teacher.

21. I'm a migraine sufferer, but they're less frequent now (thank god!)

22. I can't swim (I'm so rubbish, I literally doggy paddle), but I would like to learn one day.

23. I've never had a driving lesson, other than once in a field with my Dad... and it was enough to put me off! I'm lucky I've never needed to learn as I've only ever lived in cities since moving away from home, but now I'm living back with my Mum I'm considering learning.

24. I am currently learning Japanese and it's the hardest thing I have ever tried to learn, and I'm blooming terrible.

25. I lived on a farm in Stafford/Stone when I was really young, and then moved back to Telford. I have also lived in Leeds, London and Plymouth.

26. I vote for the Green Party, and get pretty passionately annoyed at how awful the world is at the moment. (Sorry people who follow me on Twitter haha!)

27. My past pets are Fishy and Chippy the goldfish, Lucy the springer spaniel, Lady the hamster, Pancake and Crumpet the gerbils, and Daisy the dalmatian. I currently don't have any pets, unless my Dad's girlfriends dog counts, Barnaby the labrador. But I have started walking strangers dogs to fill the dog shaped hole in my heart.

28. I passionately hate netball, hockey and rounders. Not that I like any sport really... other than bike rides, basketball and aqua aerobics. I do want to do roller derby though, but I can't roller skate and I'm super clumsy so maybe not!

29. I cannot stand two faced bitchy people, when people walk really slowly or stop in front of me on paths or in shops, loud chompy eaters, liars, or 'friends' that don't stick up for me. 

30. I don't really wear makeup, not as some sort of statement, but simply because I'm not very good at doing it so feel stupid when I have a full face on.

31. I quit two University courses... so I'm officially an art school dropout. 

32. I quit my full-time job that I'd been in for two years to become a freelance illustrator and get my health back on track.

33. I don't like going out out, I would much rather go to a gig and have a little dance around or a quiet pub and have a cider and a chat with one or two friends over clubbing any day. 

34. I used to play guitar and sing at open mic nights and gigs when I was a teenager. Listening to my old songs makes me cringe (and they are super easy to find on the internet too...whyyyyy), but I do still love doing it in my free time a bit more secretly and less public haha.

35. I enjoy doing boring and repetitive tasks, which is probably why I like animating.

36. I like to write lists... which is probably why I'm liking doing this post!

37. I wanted to be a vet when I was younger, but struggled too much with science at school and I'm too squeamish at the sight of blood/organs *shudders*

38. I am vegetarian, and have been since I was 15, other than a year where I started to eat chicken (I hated the thought of it but felt really guilty that I liked KFC zinger burgers... feels so wrong) as I had really low iron and vitamins and the medicine wasn't really working. And then I went the other extreme and was vegan for a few months, before I settled back to being a veggie.

39. I haven't travelled much, and only had my first flight two years ago. I've been to France, Germany, Spain, Hong Kong and China. The places I'd most like to visit are Japan, Hawaii, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Italy, India, Brazil and Morocco.

40. I absolutely loved the nature in Scotland and would move there simply for the beautiful trees. A log cabin life would be amazing.

41. I love the smell of gingerbread.

42. Sunflowers are my favourite flower, but I also love forget-me-nots, daisies and foxgloves.

43. Julia Pott is my favourite illustrator/animator, and has been since I was 13. 

44. I am a homebody. 

45. I am naturally messy, but I hate having a mess so every month I will have a big 'spring clean', and it will gradually get more and more messy until I can't cope any more. This is mainly as I am such a hoarder and collector and find it so hard to move stuff on.

46. Milky coffee is my absolute favourite, with one sugar, or two if I'm treating myself.

47. I have such a sweet tooth and can easily eat a whole pack of biscuits in one sitting without even noticing. It's not good.

48. I am a granny-child, in the way I love picture books, toys, colourful clothes, silly jingley songs and fluffy animals, but I also love cozy jumpers, nights in, and act like a human sloth most of the time.

49. I love Japanese music, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and Wednesday Camanella are my favourites.

50. I find it hard to find 50 interesting things about me haha.