2006 VS 2016

At the end of last year (that's so weird to say!?! How is it 2017...mind-blowing!) there was a tag that did a circuit around Twitter, where you posted a photo of yourself in both 2006 and 2016 to see the difference.

In 2006 I was 12/13 and just starting to get my independence (very baby steps at that stage though!) and started visiting the town centre with friends, and this was one of the earliest photos I could get of this time, roughly in 2006 (may have been 2007...not sure). I remember this was my MySpace profile photo for ages, I was so proud of how cool I looked... oh dear... I remember this was my signature look for a few years. I would always wear baggy jeans, especially this pair, because I was so self conscious of my thighs. Then I would wear tight vest tops, mainly black or red ones, I do remember having a white one with red zebras all over which I wore to death. Then paired with the only hoodie I owned, which was a Paul Frank one I got from TKMaxx and again wore to death as it had all the characters on the back which I think was the start of my love affair with character design. Then I would always pair it with bright crazy jewellery, my froggy umbrella, and some bright graphic shoes, in this case my pink Roxy hula girl shoes. At this point I really was experimenting with my individuality, and was never ashamed of the things I liked or the clothes I wore, and I think I've really stuck to that growing up. I would get picked on a lot at school for my appearance, which looking back is crazy as we wore uniforms so where I went wrong I have no idea!! At this point I had only just started to wear makeup, and by makeup I mean literally eye liner and mascara. I was very very lucky and haven't ever really had issues with my skin or acne, like any other human I have obviously had the odd spot, but nothing major, so I've never really had any need to wear foundation or a full face of makeup daily. I also started having a hair style that I wanted at this point too. When I was really little I always had a full fringe, and I knew that it suited my face shape, so I had it cut back in to make me feel more me again after a fair few years fringeless.

My 2016 photo was taken just before I went to my Godmother's wedding, so I'm looking a bit more fancier than my everyday wear. I chose this photo as it is the only full body one I could find. In this picture I have my hair down (a rarity if you know me well, I tend to have it in a messy bun 99% of the time as I hate hair touching the back of my neck or just getting in the way), and a full face of makeup on (another rarity for me, as I tend to just wear mascara...even less makeup than my 12/13 year old self). Im also wearing a dress, which I never really remember doing as a teenager, but I still only tend to wear dresses and skirts if I have the blackest of black tights on, unless it's stupidly hot and I just can't handle it! This is one of my favourite dresses, which I got simply because I loved the patten and colour so much, which is something that has definitely carried on from 2006 (my love of bright colours and patterns!) I still love denim and wear jeans most days, and if I'm not wearing jeans then I will usually be wearing my denim jacket. 

I think my style has changed, but also a lot of elements have stayed the same. I don't feel myself without a fringe (I'm going to get one cut back in!), I don't really wear makeup, bright colourful shoes make an appearance most days, I like to mix patterns and block colours, most days I wear some sort of crazy necklace or broach to liven up more plain outfits, and I wear clothes which make me feel more me. Personal style is such a difficult thing to achieve, especially on a low budget, but saving for key pieces and having a solid amount of basics to get you through is the way to do it. I have always brought from charity shops, Ebay, Tkmaxx, outlet stores, super markets and save for the sales, and I've never felt embarrassed about doing so. You do you!! I would love to know your personal style journey, and you never know I might do an update in 2026!!